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Eliminate Unwanted Gaps in Your Smile

Crowns are a great way to eliminate gaps in a person’s smile. However, not everyone can obtain crowns. You must have enough bone in your jaw and a clear medical history prior to undergoing this procedure. If you are looking for an effective way to protect a tooth that has become cracked or infected, then you should speak with one of our dentists at Arlington Cosmetic & Family Dentistry about the possibility of having a crown installed! Our staff has plenty of experience with crowns and can help determine if you are qualified for this type of cosmetic dental procedure.

Crowns are typically used to:

  • Repair fractured teeth: If one or more of your teeth becomes cracked, a crown can be placed on top of the affected teeth to protect the remaining enamel, strengthen teeth, and fill in unwanted gaps.
  • Protect your teeth following a cavity: To prevent additional tooth decay following a cavity, one of our dentists may suggest that you have a crown installed to protect and strengthen teeth that have become compromised.
  • Protect your teeth after a root canal: After a root canal, your molars are susceptible to bacteria and infection. To protect your teeth, one of our dentists may place a crown on top of your molar so your tooth can heal properly.

Crowns are an excellent option to restore the strength, durability, and appearance of your teeth and can be installed quickly and effectively by one of our dentists. Your dental crowns will blend to match the rest of your teeth (if you are only replacing one or multiple teeth) so they are unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Contact our Arlington dentist at (703) 636-7878 for a free consultation!

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